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INCLUDED: 50 Essentials 

Videos, sheet music and soundslice. Also includes measure by measure video instructions on your favorite standard. Each issue includes one complete, yet easy to perform "chord melody" on a tune. This is an ideal companion to your Concierge program.


INCLUDED: 50 Standard Tunes
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Members get all 50 "Pro" Issues of the Tune of the Month Club. This collection includes the most popular jazz standards with videos.

Each song is a standalone learning package with a lead sheet, chord melody, comping study and note-for-note solo. TABS included.


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The ultimate way to learn jazz guitar. ALL modules, ALL Standards, ALL the perks - get access to EVERYTHING on 



The ultimate way to learn Jazz guitar. ALL courses, ALL Standards, ALL the perks - get access to EVERYTHING on


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✔ Core Curriculum Courses - The 100 series for Improv, Comping, and Chord Melody; our guest series; and our classic series of courses!

Concierge - Our virtual guide for helping you navigate our entire Jazz tutorial catalogue

Private Instructor-in-a-Box - Our signature meta-course on how to become your own guitar coach

✔ The Vault - eBooks and other great materials, including 1-click access to all sheet music from the blog

Community - Hundreds of fellow Jazz guitarists to connect with in our active members-only Facebook group

Great Transcriptions Series - Note-for-note solos by Jazz legends, written out, and in Soundslice.

ALL 50 PRO Standards Tutorials - Comping, Improv, and chord melody arrangements of 50 unique Jazz tunes (entire catalogue)

Webinars - Monthly 60-min live stream with Jazz pros, discussing the featured Tune of the Month

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"The courses are great and very easy to understand. With Unlimited Membership I can select the one I want or need. I especially liked the chords courses on how clearly and in step-by-step manner the topic was explained. All songs of the month are using Soundslice, which is extremely easy to use. Overall, I do not regret any $ spent :) Great stuff! Thanks a lot. :)"


"The fact that it is Unlimited... No, seriously: a very generous offer. Absolutely fantastic: the intro where you give guidance not to drown in the material and to focus on what a student really wants and needs. I have started to reflect seriously on my strengths, weaknesses, dreams and plans. I am still working on that before I'll really start."

Michael H.

"I'm blown away by how much I’ve learned in a short space of time - maybe 5 weeks? [... ]all of these moveable voicings/chords. I just have to practice them till they become second nature. Thanks.You have put together such an easy to learn course and I’m very grateful, looking forward to gaining more knowledge from you. "

Danielle B.
Canada , Student since 2017

"Marc it's amazing! It's exactly what I needed at just the right time.The immense value that I'm getting out of it is beyond anything I expected. Your intelligence and experience are helping tremendously. I am floored to be able to learn what you're teaching us. I'm very happy to be a student of such an esteemed and generous School."

Canada, Student since 2015

"I’ve been a member of your site for only a month but I’ve learned more about chord melody in that month than in the previous five years of trying to figure chord melody out. i wasted so much money with other material. Thanks"

Philly Phil
Texas, Student since 2018

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