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The Proven Program That Turns You Into a Competent Jazz Player 

In Weeks Instead Of Years

Even if you’re a complete Jazz beginner
Even if you’re short on time
Even if you’ve hit a plateau, unsure what you should be practicing next
Master every Jazz guitar technique you'll ever need to turn a pile of feeble chords into a crowd wowing performance

"Fantastic in all respects. Marc gets as granular as you can handle and is very methodical in crafting you and your bricklaying hands and your tin ear and your no rhythm white boy syndrome into a real live jazz guitarist. The real question is, are you ready?"

Bradford L Romans

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Play Like a Pro in a Snap!

What if you could pick up your guitar and play like a pro — making it look so easy and natural while others struggle to make even the simplest solos sound good?

Let’s say you gave two equally matched Jazz guitar players exactly the same track & tabs, and they sat down to play…

What would make the one player better than the other?

The answer lies in mastering the essential techniques, but with a spin…

Because anyone can repeat the basics over and over, but when one family member asks them to play something…

...they pick up the guitar and freeze, blushing in embarrassment cause the notes just won’t come out!

As Jazz guitar players, we all have that *ZING* inside us…

So how can we mix that magic touch with the essential techniques to play head turning improv on demand?

Presenting “Jazz Guitar Mastery”

Jazz Guitar Mastery is the only comprehensive online program all about the “Art of Jazz Guitar”.

It covers everything you need to know, A to Z, to help you make leaps of progress with your playing.

Whether you’ve just picked up jazz, been a couch jammer or been playing gigs for years, you can use this system to accelerate your jazz guitar journey.

Jazz Guitar Mastery gives you streaming access to every course, every standard song tutorial, LIVE webinars, community, and much, much more! Keep scrolling to see all the benefits of this exclusive program.

$5,950 IN VALUE

Stop wishing, Start playing. It Starts Here.

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✔ ALL CORE COURSES from the Comping 100 series, the Improv 100 series, Chord Melody series, and the all new Jazz Harmony 100 series;

✔ ALL Technique and Scale courses:
Learn the Fretboard 2.0, Painless Scale Positions, and 25 Exercises for Better Jazz Guitar Phrasing;

✔ ALL Guest Instructor courses, including by Greg Amirault and Sandy Poltarack: Drop 2 is the New Black, All The Arpeggios You Are, and Deja Vu;

✔ ALL 50 PRO Standard Songs from our celebrated Tune of the Month Club Series

✔ ALL 50 ESSENTIALS Standard Songs with chord melody accessible for beginners

✔ Live “Inner Circle” Q&A webcasts and hang-outs bimonthly

...and much, much more! (See bonuses below)


"Gents, I have been doing the courses for over 6 months now and I feel like they have totally transformed my playing. I am a new guitarist. Thanks for putting in the effort for the courses, videos and all the behind the scenes things. Greatly appreciated!"

Brian B.

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✔ Over 20 Jazz Courses

✔ 50 Essentials Standards 50 PRO Standards

✔ Your Concierge weekly program

✔ Inner Circle Q&A Webinars

 Members Only Community

 Ongoing support with on-site instructor

✔ Transcriptions, Vault and more!

✔ New releases and updates

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Jazz Guitar Mastery
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FOR 365 DAYS of Access

✔ Over 20 Jazz Courses

✔ 50 Essentials and 50 Pro Standards

✔ Your Concierge weekly program

✔ Inner Circle Q&A Webinars

 Members Only Community

 Ongoing support with on-site instructor

✔ Transcriptions, Vault and more!

✔ New releases and updates

✔ Six monthly payments

Gives you 365 days of access from the first payment date


"I've been using it for nearly 3 years now. It is nothing short of amazing. The amount of information, if it wasn't so well organized, could easily be overwhelming. Everything you need to become an accomplished "jazz" musician is in this course, except for the effort. That, you'll have to bring. It's not easy, but "easy" is overrated. Enjoy the journey."

Mark Miller

Jazz Guitar Concierge
Never Wonder What to Practice Next Again

If you find yourself sitting on your chair wondering what to practice next, it stops today.

Concierge tells you exactly what’s next from the library of modules, one week at a time.

You’ll also get email prompt of precise Jazz guitar exercises to complete according to your specific needs. Concierge grows with you, as you gain Jazz skills.


Bonus #1: Standards Essentials
Entry-Level Chord Melody

Videos, sheet music and soundslice. Also includes measure by measure video instructions on your favorite standard. Each issue includes one complete, yet easy to perform "chord melody" on a tune. This is an ideal companion to your Concierge program.


Bonus #2: PRO Standard Tunes
Videos + Sheet Music + Soundslice

Members get all 50 Issues of the Tune of the Month Club. This collection includes the most popular Jazz standards. Each song is a standalone learning package. AKA "Pro Standards"


Bonus #3: The Vault Of Goodies

All members will get access to my personal collection of books, Cheat Sheets and Guides geared to accelerate your Jazz Guitar learning journey.
The Vault includes material such as...

No More Guessing - Memorize All Notes on the Fretboard Within Five Minutes
The No-Nonsense Guide to Jazz Harmony - Guide to II-V-I Chords, Cadences, Roman Numerals, Backdoor Progressions, and more
Jazz Guitar Chords Cheat Sheet - Play Any Standard w/ Just Two Chord Voicings
Getting it Together in Life and Music - Personal Development Articles & Music Related Commentary
Beginners Guide to Jazz Guitar Improv - 3 Easy Scales to Get Started in Jazz
The step by Step Guide to Improvising Convincing Jazz Guitar Solos

...and many more!


Bonus #4: The Great Jazz Guitar Transcription Series

Inside Jazz Guitar Mastery, you’ll get access to a library of legendary Solos transcribed, so you can follow along and learn through infusion. (with Soundslice for Ease of Use).

Just some of the legends you’ll find inside are:
  Joe Pass
  Pat Metheny
  Charlie Christian
  Wes Montgomery
  Barney Kessel
  John Scofield
  Django Reinhart
  Reg Schwager

...and many, many more


Bonus #5: 
A 500+ Strong Jazz Guitar Community By Your Side

This is our closed-door members only Facebook community.

Here, you have the chance to join our lively community of 500+ fellow jazz guitarists from all levels, beginner to advanced expert.

Everyone is focused on getting their Jazz Guitar skills to the next level, but also helping other students around them.

Weekly discussions, Q&A Polls, Replays, and Reminders: Only for Jazz Guitar Mastery Members!


Included: Structure & Customize Your Practice With
Private Instructor In A Box

Not sure where to start? We got your back!
Private Instructor In A Box is your compass, helping you build your own program with confidence.


It’s a revolutionary online video tutorial that allows you to design his/her own Jazz guitar practice program from scratch, and make steady progress.

The method outlined in this Jazz Guitar compass has been used by (literally) hundreds of students all over the world with tremendous success.

By designing a practice regimen focused on your exact goals and dreams, you're well equipped to become the best musician you can be... while improving your chops for a lifetime.


What's Included

"This is an excellent course. I have been playing guitar for years but only now have gone back to learn the basics. The building blocks of this program are great. They take time to learn, but they build off of each other and the pieces fit together. Like anything worthwhile, you get out of this what you put into it. I am very pleased! Keep up the good work Marc."

Geoff Morgan

First Of The Line Access To New Releases?

Jazz Guitar Mastery is a living and breathing program, regularly updated with new courses, songs and material.

With your year-long pass, you’ll be the first to access all the new stuff when they come out!

All new courses that I add into the membership go to your members’ portal on the house.


Your Instructor

You probably know this by now, but I’m Marc-Andre Seguin.

The webmaster, mastermind and teacher behind JazzGuitarLessons.net, the #1 online resource for learning how to play Jazz guitar.

As a Jazz guitarist, I’ve went from couch jammer to performing on stage to teaching so many people how to master the Jazz guitar I’ve stopped counting.

While that’s been an amazing experience, the thing that should matter to you is the fact that I’ve been a guitar teacher since 2009…

And I’ve helped people from all walks of life, all over the world, to achieve their Jazz guitar goals.

From the beginning, I wanted to build a friendly, encouraging community for Jazz guitarists...

While demystifying the “elitist” baloney.

You don’t need a Phd to play Jazz, just passion, a supportive community and a proven system.

And you’ll find all three inside Jazz Guitar Mastery.


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My Simple Promise And Guarantee To You…

I know for a FACT that if you put even a fraction of what we’re about to reveal to you into practice, you’ll increase your skills tremendously.

That’s the power of this system, our LIVE sessions and our direct feedback.

So here’s my promise to you:

Check out my Jazz Guitar Mastery Program right now. Watch the videos. Join the sessions. Absorb the lessons.

If you don’t feel what you’ve gained from it is going to transform your jazz guitar playing…

...then I simply don’t want your money.

That’s why you’re protected with my “Learn To Play Or Don’t Pay” guarantee:

If your Jazz guitar playing skills haven’t elevated into another level in the first 30 days of you joining us, email me and I’ll refund 100% of your money. It’s as simple as that.

People may think I'm nuts for doing this?

But I’m passionate about truly helping people get better and wield the magic touch of the jazz guitar.

It’s my way of doing everything humanly possible to put your mind at ease so you can join us inside Jazz Guitar Mastery.


"I am indeed enjoying the Unlimited Membership! Your delivery of the courses is so logical and engaging. Thank you for having the initiative to launch such a site and having such a great approach for teaching jazz guitar. I have been wanting to take my playing to this direction for a few years now and am very happy to have found you and your site. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"! I guess that's true!"

Brent R.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Program:

Jazz Guitar Mastery is perfect for Jazz beginners, intermediate players who feel like they’re stuck in a rut, playing the same songs over & over and for the advanced players who want to sharpen their skills even more. If you’ve never picked up a guitar before, this program isn’t for you, as it does assume you have a little bit of guitar experience.

The web is full of e-books, pdfs and videos to learn a technique here and there. But this is the only program that teaches the secrets of the Jazz Guitar from A-to-Z, and provides you with a custom blueprint based on your level so you can make quality progress fast.

If you’re already a member of a paid membership on this website, it makes perfect sense to upgrade and join us inside the Jazz Guitar Mastery Program, because:

1) You’ll get full access to Unlimited Membership materials for another 12 months at a discount

2) You’ll get access to all our new bonuses (ie Standards Essentials, Inner Circle and more) and the Jumpstart session with Marc.

Important note: This program is hosted on a new platform, so you’ll need to create a new account on the checkout page.

Let’s make a quick comparison, shall we?

If you were to take lessons with a local Jazz pro (at least $50-$100 per hour), you get an hour’s worth of practice and a little notebook with stuff jolted down.

Now I have all the love in the world for private instructors (I used to be one)...

But written notes are a pretty weak resource compared to hundreds of hours of courses with videos, PDFs (and more) you can re-watch and play along over and over.

On top of that, Jazz Guitar Mastery offers you 24/7 support by email, chat and through the comments form on every lesson by an actual professional Jazz guitarist on-site.

How do you think you’ll progress in Jazz faster… With ONE private lesson per month for $50-$100 … versus … a library of training videos and support for less than $25 per month?

I’ve actually had students completely quit 1-on-1 private lessons in favor of the teachings inside  JazzGuitarLessons.net :-)

Monthly! New transcriptions are added monthly and new curriculum-based tutorials (full-fledged online video courses) are being created on an ongoing basis and added inside your member’s area.

There’s this misconception out there that you need to have a guitar glued to your hands to actually get good and play headturners.

It doesn’t work that way. You’ve bought guitars, not used them for a while, then one day comes and you’re in love with it.

That’s why I’ve built Jazz Guitar Mastery as a habits-building program (and not just TONS of materials). Just a small, steady dose of guided teaching will get you playing like never before.

My unique Concierge system reminds you to spend time with the guitar, and keeps you accountable for your results.

Because this is a guided journey to turn you into a competent Jazz guitarist, the videos are streamable, only. However, you can download the PDFs and eBooks to your computer.

Since you’re on this website you wanted to learn or master the Jazz guitar.

And I completely understand that you're short on time. I watch over my time nowadays like a momma duck watches over her ducklings, and I value my students’ time the same way.

That’s why the program is broken down into bitesize progress, so you know exactly what to play every time you sit down with the guitar.

We hear all the time about the guys that spent years practicing 8 hours per day, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can make progress with 15 minutes a day, if you’re consistent.

No matter how much time you can invest right now (30 min, 3x per week), we have something that can help you progress.

This is the difference between doing something to learn a classy and fun skill and doing nothing.

The Guitar Mastery Program comes with a Jazz Jumpstart session, where we’ll sit down with you and figure out where you’re at with your skills, and recommend the taking off point.

We have this neat way of keeping you engaged throughout the process, so you never feel stuck or spinning your wheels playing the same thing over and over.

In short: YES. Whatever your level, the JazzGuitarLessons.net curriculum will help you.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside


So Why Invest Now?

The biggest reason why you need to join us in Jazz Guitar Mastery now is because there are people out there who are less talented than you…

... jamming their hearts out on and off stage and having fun simply because they stuck with it and learned how to play Jazz guitar.

(I know because I was jealous of them!)

The second reason is simply that it will save you the frustration of making all the mistakes I did.

There's lots of tracks and techniques that are easy once you figure them out (however that can take you years if you don't have someone guiding you).
And that’s why I created this program!

To make sure that this best possible place to learn the skill of Jazz guitar…

So you can get better fast, with everyone enjoying listening to you.

I wouldn’t be surprised once the word comes out that people are asking you to play with them.

You WON'T Find This Material On Youtube

Magazines, Youtube videos and your local jazz guitar teacher surely help.

That’s how I got started too :-)

But you won’t find the tunes, videos, and pdfs included in Jazz Guitar Mastery. These are my own creations that took years of work to figure out, and turned into a system.

You can say I've been obsessed with learning how to play really well WITHOUT spending hours every day practicing.

I'm a normal guy who has a life and a business to run, so I'm just not willing to spend hours a day working on boring exercises or reading through brain-numbing theory.

Because of the tricks, tips and techniques, I will share with you, your jazz guitar skill will jump leads every time you log-in and practice. Even if it's just for 15 minutes.

Just One Final Reminder

In my eyes, you have two choices right now…

1) You can do nothing, and keep researching trying to glue together separate techniques you find online or offline…

...with the risk of getting stuck and feeling frustrated, like some of my students before they found us.

2) You can join us inside Jazz Guitar Mastery, develop your own style, and learn the skill of playing jazz guitar, becoming yet another one of my growing success stories.

Which option do you prefer?

I look forward to seeing you on the inside :-)


"Only a few weeks in the program, I had a great private lesson with Marc. It was the most professional lesson I’ve ever had. Afterwords I signed up for the program and it has proved to be extremely valuable. Marc is a gem. I’m honored to be a student."

Billy Blake

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